Quality and Innovation

About Us

Zucchelli Arrigo srl is aimed at companies and professionals in the hairdressing, barber and beauty sector by offering quality, practical, functional and innovative trolleys, washbasins units and accessories.

Our work is based on 5 pillars


Quality is not an abstract concept as some believe but something extremely tangible and measurable; the contenders for the next few years will be selected on the basis of quality.We firmly believe that the constant commitment to the control of production processes and the careful selection of raw materials are the key to our success.We contribute to spreading the value of quality throughout the world by applying this principle in all our activities and proposing it to our partners.

Technological innovation

Research, in the recent years, has made extraordinary resources available to improve production, we look with great interest at the latest innovations in materials and production machinery because we firmly believe that in order to be competitive in the global market it is necessary to pursue a technological excellence.
Our goal is to cut costs and eliminate the inefficiencies affecting the finished product, we invest in technology to offer the best of our quality at the right price.

Respect for traditions

In the near future we will live in a world populated with products that today we cannot even imagine, success will reward those who, before others, will be able to interpret the needs of the market and of the new global clientele.
Our desire to experiment and offer innovative products in design and materials will be increasingly combined with that respect for tradition that has always inspired us, we remain proud of our past and look confidently to the future by focusing on our system of values, typical of the authentic Made in Italy.


Along our path we have provided countless activities in the most remote countries, thus we have learned the fascination of diversity between different cultures and the importance of collaborating with partners of all backgrounds and religious faiths.
In the meantime, the world has evolved, distances have shortened and different cultures are merging; to orient oneself in this immense world network, it is necessary to constantly review marketing, training and communication strategies, thinking in an increasingly unique and multifaceted market logic.
We continue this journey because we believe in our global future, without geographical borders.

Attention to the customer

Our long experience teaches us that certain rules are valid today as they will be in the future; the goals achieved in all these years bind us inextricably to a ‘pivotal’ figure in our world, the Customer.
This is the core of our creative and productive philosophy, which motivates us to create trolleys for hairdressers, washbasins units and accessories that live up to increasingly complex and refined expectations; it is on this clientele of professionals that we focus our attention, guaranteeing the constant development of new products and the highest level of service with great professionalism and punctuality on supplies.