100% Italian Style

Founded by Arrigo Zucchelli in 1954, our company over the years has consolidated a tradition based on quality and functionality, with the mission of bringing the elegance of Made in Italy to the world and meeting the needs of all hairdressers




Since the 1950s, we have over 60 years of history and experience

All our products are strictly MADE IN ITALY. All stages of the production process are carried out at our factory in Italy or supervised by us at the factory of our suppliers.

We only use selected partners with whom consolidated and trusted relationships have been established.

In 2020 we have also studied a parallel production that allows us to offer articles made with raw materials from chemical recycling.

made with raw materials from chemical recycling.

We have 3 packaging solutions for the shipment of goods which is generally carried out within 7 working days from receiving the order:

  • Standard disassembled packaging

The components are grouped by type and divided into different carton boxes. This form of packaging is the cheapest and minimizes the volume occupied.

  • Single assembled packaging

Each trolley is assembled and packed in a single carton box. Thus the object is ready for delivery to the customer. However, the volume is not optimized for transport.

  • Single disassembled packaging in flat pack (FLAT PACK)

All the components of a single trolley and simple assembly instructions are packed in a carton box. The package is ready for the delivery to the customer who will only have to assemble the trolley. The volume is thus optimized for transport.

The wheels of our trolleys are all removable.

With the utmost simplicity it is possible to disassemble and clean them, washing them with soap under running water to easily remove any type of dirt.

When we talk about durable products we mean this: in fact, in a few minutes, the trolley will be as elegant and silent as new.