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For coiffeurs and salons’ interior designers the portable washbasin and the backwash unit for hairdressers are fundamental items, but very different one from another. For this reason, to choose which wash unit is the one to bet on means considering many delicate issues, especially when a new purchase, renovation or furnishing planning is on the “to do list”. It is necessary to ask ourselves which one fit better considering some parameters (budget availablility, design, comfort for the client and for the professional, space availability, etc.).
   In order to figure out more clearly the key elements that must be kept in mind (in order to take the best decisions), here below they are listed considering useful pro and cons for each wash unit types.

Let’s start with the backwash unit

Here there are the 4 main qualities of this washbasin:
  1. 1- a backwash unit is equipped with an armchair with personalized colors and washbasin crafted in harmony with the seat style and lines; it also brings a sense of elegance, sophistication and professionalism; although this type of unit could seems more focused on a great aesthetic presence than a useful versatility (being easily adaptable to the logistic or particular client’s requirements);
  2. 2- the width of the seat and the work platform adds the indispensable comfort for every client, relaxed on the wide armchair of this backwash unit; on the other hand, this type of washbasin solution require large spaces and it does not fit perfectly for every salon’s structure and budget availability, because of its expensiveness and big dimensions;
  3. 3- an “all inclusive” backwash unit gives indeed more tranquility to the hairdresser: thanks to this solution the professional can have a product complete of a seat, washbasin, taps and tubes for plumbing linking in just one order; although, in case of dysfunction or damages, it will be required expensive interventions by specialized technical personnel and the necessity to wait for long time until the work is over, causing a professional’s activities interruption;
  4. 4- finally, a backwash system can represent a classy furnishing component able to shape the salon’s image differently from others, in a unique way; this is certainly a precious characteristic: it gives its contribute to let client’s hair down and to make the coiffeur figure competent and dependable, as well as his/her salon reputation. After all, there’s just one shot to make a good impression: the first one.

What can offer a portable shampoo basin instead?

This item too shows 4 key characteristics (and many more are underlined here):
  1. 1. its contained dimensions, its manageability and lightness are qualities that turn into an ideal solution for restrained space and budget salons and for those hairdressers who work at home; these characteristics go along with a positive aesthetic impact of the item. On the other hand, its capacities to display an exclusive salon’s image are limited and with diminished importance;
  2. 2. even a portable shampoo basin could present itself as a complete item, giving all the essential tools (for the hairdresser) to offer a comfortable washing service (for the client): a portable basin equipped with waste pipe and tank to contain the water can become a well rounded item for a cheap price;
  3. 3. the flexibility is one more quality of this type of item that can be easily regulated (in height as well as in slope) and moved, depending on single client or coiffeur’s furnishing particular request; furthermore, flexibility is a real asset for this type of hairdresser’s washbasin especially in those salon’s stressing periods such as a renewal or renovation project;
  4. 4. for sure “easemeans also a simple, cheap maintenance that can be accomplished by a hairdresser him/herself: in fact, to keep cleaned and do little substitutions are procedures that everybody can easily perform with autonomy on a portable shampoo basin, at the same time saving its original value and functionality. Problems could show up when the determined producer/supplier is not prompt to deliver rapidly substitutive materials or to send clarifying brief about the assemble phases.
In conclusion we have to remember that, whichever washbasin system you will choose, the basic decision to take is to select carefully a producer/supplier considering its dialogue willingness and availability, promptness in assist and deliver the orders: these are fundamental qualities that allow to perform an efficient job.
- if you think that a portable shampoo basin is the one that fit better for the professionals you supply, or for their salon and clients, take a look to our dedicated catalogue;
- for further suggestions in choosing hairdressers’ furniture you may need, we suggest this article about the salon supply that are (and will be) more and more required.
portable shampoo basin in a hairdresser' salon sketch