216 Closed

Colors and Drawers

216 Closed – Professional trolley for hairdressers with closed structure and front of the drawers made of scratch-resistant plastic
Equipped with side shelf with hairdryer holder and brushes with color bowl and brush
Black and white
Removable from the front and designed to be hooked to the top tray or placed onto
Available with 5 small drawers and 4 drawers in combination among large and small, all with recessed handle
A small drawer has always one six-compartment divider
Versions and Accessories
The side accessories available are integrated and visible in the following versions
216 Closed Entry – Without accessories
216 Closed Basic – Foldable hairdryer holder
216 Closed Style – Styling equipped shelves with hairdryer holder, hair straightener and brushes
216 Closed Color – Color equipped shelves with bowls, brushes, towel and bottle holders
216 Closed Top – Shelves equipped for color and styling
It can be equipped with removable transparent wheels D74, silent and anti-hair with plastic or metal cover or removable in plastic D48 or D74
38.5 x 32.5 x 92 cm (without side accessories)
Designed for technical customization with combinable accessories of your choice and graphics with large spaces on the front and sides
100% design and made in Italy

Versions and Accessories

216 Closed

216 Closed Entry

216 Closed Basic 

216 Closed Style

216 Closed Color

216 Closed Top